Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Who Am I

I'm a full-time attorney and part-time blogger. My first campaign was Mondale in 84 (now that was an ass-kicking) as a volunteer in college and have volunteered locally for every Democratic Presidential campaign since. I've also volunteered for state and local campaigns as a grunt and as an attorney.

I grew up in southwest Illinois (suburban Saint Louis) and attended Saint Louis University for undergrad and So Illinois Univ School of Law in Carbondale. I currently live and work in Saint Louis Missouri.

This blog started when I became tired of sending emails to like minded people full of links to articles on political topics of interest to me. I've come to mostly enjoy writing it, and try to work in more personal posts about what I'm doing that has nothing to do with politics and world events. That anyone might read this blog is really not important. Sometimes I just use it as a place to park information that I might want to later refer back to.

I respond to all Email questions, so feel free to email me.

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