Monday, November 01, 2004

Check out "Resultron"

Steve OlsonDCCC Online Operations:

Tomorrow night you have a multitude of choices for election coverage. Fox News will be providing "fair and balanced" coverage. Jon Stewart will be chewing on Tucker Carlson's bow tie on Comedy Central. And, most importantly, tomorrow night the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is firing up RESULTRON — your best option for getting live updates from dozens of key races around the country.

In addition to the RESULTRON website, you can also subscribe for RSS feeds or sign up to receive text message updates on your cell phone. Use RESULTRON to keep track of the most-watched Congressional races, and be the first on your block to know who will have control of the House for the next two years (hint: the winning party begins with 'D')

On Election Day, in addition to RESULTRON, the DCCC will have thousands of volunteers around the country — driving people to the polls, monitoring polling places, making last-minute phone calls — doing everything we can to ensure that people vote and that those votes are counted.

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