Saturday, November 13, 2004

Falluja Overview - For victory in Fallujah, land grab not enough

On Friday, USA Today had a nice overview of Falluja that is worth a read.

The journalist at USA Today make a key point that others seem afraid to make:
The battle of Fallujah has demonstrated in microcosm what the war in Iraq has writ large: The U.S. military can take and hold any piece of territory it chooses. But killing or capturing this enemy is proving to be a tougher proposition.

It is an old lesson: The Civil War ended not when Richmond fell but when Gen. Robert E. Lee's army surrendered. In Iraq, the toughest challenge of all is maintaining order once the battle is over....
But now Fallujains can breath free no longer an "insurgent stronghold" but rather a happily liberated "humanitarian disaster". They're bound to love us now, right?

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