Friday, November 19, 2004

'Respect Does Not Mean Submission'

An excellent post up today at that I recomend you read.

He brings to our attention an excellent piece in TNR by Peter Beinart which challenges the Xtian rights claims that "respecting" their beliefs equals accepting them.

After quoting from Beinart he conludes:
the Christian Right's effort to make "respect" equal "agreement" is even more deeply disrespectful to people who actually share their religion. I'm a Protestant Christian myself, and read the same Bible that James Dobson reads, and I see no evidence at all that the message (much less the primary message) of Scripture to the faithful of this time is to outlaw abortion and stigmatize gay people. So it really offends me to be told I'm an "anti-Christian bigot" for disagreeing with the Christian Right on such subjects.

It behooves Democrats to challenge Christian conservatives for playing identity politics and refusing to engage in civil discourse about the intersection of faith and policy, and to challenge themselves to reject the false choice of disrespect or submission.

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