Wednesday, January 19, 2005

More Problems for Bush's Soc Security Phase-out

The WaPo reports today that House Ways and Means chairman Bill Thomas (R-CA) doesn't think the phase-out Bush is talking about could pass both Houses.

Thomas suggested that he would be interested in some sort of deal that dealt with the payroll tax that funds Soc Sec and Medicare but offered no specifics.

But here is the kicker that Thomas apparently wants to talk about,
Perhaps most provocatively, Thomas said lawmakers should debate whether Social Security benefits should differ for men and women, because women live longer. "We never have debated gender-adjusting Social Security," he said. A House leadership official said that not even Republicans on Thomas's committee would vote for that idea. Thomas also said the system might take into account the need of blue-collar workers to retire younger than office workers.
Oh yea, gender and class indexing have a bright future.

There's no real substance to this article other than the fact that, perhaps the most powerful Comm chairman in the House doesn't think it will fly.

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