Monday, February 07, 2005

Let The Vilification Begin

Sam Rosenfeld at TAPPED points to the RNC plan to destroy Harry Reid. Sam links to an article in Roll Call (subscription required) wherein Ken Mehlman, closeted homosexual and RNC Chair, is boasting about it.
Given that Reid just got reelected to another six-year term and that Nevada is hardly the blood-red redoubt that South Dakota is, it should be clear that crippling Reid's electoral prospects in his home state is hardly the top priority here. The vilification effort is really aimed at the media and the broader public, and the intention is to shape mainstream perceptions of Reid as a vicious lefty partisan. Reid's moderate record and likeable, soft-spoken demeanor will likely do no more good in mitigating such ridiculous charges than those very same characteristics did for Daschle.
Go read the post. The RNC quotes are pretty blunt as to their intentions.

So what are we going to do about it? We should launch a media campaign to expose them. Especially in NV, pointing out how the RNC is attempting to destroy their native son simply because he disagrees with them.

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