Monday, March 28, 2005

Lying Liars

Atrios points to this:

Privatizers Getting Desperate

The GOP does these things because we let them get away with it. They will stop when they start paying a price. We need to be much more aggressive at calling them on it, and one way to get press attention when doing so is to use blunt language. Imagine Howard Dean calling a press conference and calling the authors of this so-called research paper "deceitful" or "dishonest" or even "liars" and pointing out their dishonesty with a Powerpoint-- 'a copy of which will be made available to all at the conclusion of this press conference.' You get the point.

The more indignant the authors become the better play this will get in the press. There is no reason not to do this so long as one can back up ones accusations.

Being "clubby" and polite gets us nowhere. Just ask the GOP.

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