Sunday, May 15, 2005

R Cold Feet on Nuke Option

I mentioned several weeks ago that Santorum once a leader on the Nuke Option, had looked at polling and gotten cold feet.

We can now add Pat Roberts (R-Kansas) to the list.
WASHINGTON –– With a showdown over judicial nominees looming, Sen. Pat Roberts of Kansas could be one of several pivotal Republicans to oppose stripping the Senate of its traditional power to filibuster.

Roberts expressed doubt about the “nuclear option,” which would end a long-running Democratic threat — to filibuster seven of President Bush's nominees for the federal bench — by changing long-standing Senate rules.

“What goes around comes around,” Roberts said in an interview last week, worried that the rule change could someday come back to haunt his party.

The region's other Republican senators, Kit Bond and Jim Talent of Missouri, and Sam Brownback of Kansas all said they would back Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist.
The showdown is suppose to happen this week, but we shall see.

I've long said Frist doesn't have the votes but it is going to be very tough. Frist is backed into a corner. If he goes forward and fails he will be utterly humiliated. If he doesn't go forward, the Religious Right will be calling for his head. The pressure on R senators will be enormous.

I think there will be yet another excuse this week to push off the vote.

Can Frist survive a failure?

We shall see.

(via TPM)

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