Friday, November 11, 2005

Libby Testimony Is Key To Rove Inquiry

A few weeks ago following Libby's indictment I explained how prosecution of this nature work.

Murry Waas writing the National Journal confirms my theory.
Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald delayed a decision on whether to seek criminal charges against Karl Rove in large part because he wants to determine whether Lewis (Scooter) Libby,...can provide information on Rove's role in the CIA leak case, according to attorneys involved in the investigation.

Even if Fitzgerald concludes in the near future that he does not have sufficient evidence to charge Rove, the special prosecutor would not rule out bringing charges at a later date and would not finish his inquiry on Rove until he hears whatever information Libby might provide -- either incriminating or exculpatory -- on Rove's role, the sources said.
This could easily go on for the remainder of Bush's term.

Of course, Rove should resign. If this were any other admin, R or D, that would have happened by now but it's hard to imagine Bush without Rove and who tells Bush Rove has to go?

Who at the WH doesn't believe that he or she actually works for Rove, and who in Congress could come to the WH and tell Gdub that Rove has got to go? DeLay? Frist?

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