Sunday, April 09, 2006

The Congressional Ds

Amy Sullivan has a good article up at the Washington Monthly: "Not as Lame as You Think".

She reminds us of something I've said many times. The talk of the disorganized Ds is really no different than the talk in the 90s about the Rs. Amy reminds us, for instance, that the "Contract with America" wasn't released until a month before the election.

Amy goes on to point out important victories the so-called do nothing Ds have orchestrated for which they get no credit. A good example is the Dubai Ports deal that Chuck Schumer outed.

Every D needs to read this article for perspective.

Now, having recommended this article, I want to add that at times Amy becomes an apologist for real failures of leadership for which criticism is deserved.

For instance, I do not share Amy's admiration for the way Rep Murtha was handled. Pelosi could have accomplished her goal without leaving Murtha completely out in the cold. You'll need to read Amy.

One other example. Amy tells the story of Rep Louise Slaughter and her very important report, "America for Sale: The Cost of Republican Corruption". A couple weeks after the report was released to screaming Rs, it came down from Pelosi's Leadership web site and the Rs claimed victory. Some D bloggers took the bait, so to speak, and called out Pelosi for capitulating to GOP whinnying. But Amy tells us not to worry because Pelosi and Slaughter could wink at each other knowing the secret truth: Content on the leadership web site automatically rotates off after a couple weeks.

So why the f*** doesn't Pelosi and Slaughter share this important info with anyone instead of just letting the Rs steal a win on something so very important! Why Amy! Better yet, why not keep Slaughters report permanently on the web site!

It was inept and lets not apologize for it by now letting us in on Pelosi's and Slaughter's little secret after the fact.

Read the article and tell me what you think.

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