Friday, May 05, 2006

Bush Ends Goss's Stormy Tenure By Forcing Him Out as CIA Chief

The much anticipated WaPo piece in on Goss's departure is now up.

Their version of the story is basically that Gdub didn't like him, even from the start and that he did more harm than good. Goss and Negroponte were engaged in a nasty power struggle, and the brain drain under Goss was too much to ignore.

Incredibly, they claim Goss was told months ago to be prepared to leave by May. I say "incredibly" because there is no replacement already lined up.

Regarding Dusty Foggo, he's under official investigation by the inspector general's office (in addition to the justice department) and, the Post reports, will resign next week.

Here's an excerpt on the very real problem Goss had with is subordinates,

In Goss's first days in office, his appointment of Michael Kostiw as executive director ended after it became public that Kostiw had been forced to leave the CIA under a cloud 20 years earlier. The subsequent search at the agency to find who leaked the information about Kostiw's past led the top two officers in the agency's clandestine service to resign in protest.

Over Goss's 18 months, more than a dozen senior officials -- several of whom were promoted under Goss -- resigned, retired early or requested reassignment. Robert Richer, who was head of the Near East division, served less than a year as the No. 2 official in the clandestine service before quitting in frustration over Goss's leadership last November. Richer then spent several days privately sharing his concerns with senior congressional leaders and Negroponte.

My guess is that Foggo brought a sour situation to a head. There was real concern by Negroponte and the WH about the brain drain, a power struggle and then the Hookergate matter was the proverbial straw.

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