Friday, May 12, 2006

Red Herring

Earlier, I pointed to the WaPo follow-up on yesterday's USATD story about Bush's domestic spying.

The WaPo quotes an anonymous source that seeks to justify their monitoring mine and your phone calls with a red herring the size of Delaware,
"Let's say lots comes in and we don't see anything interesting," said a source who helped develop the technology. "Tomorrow we find out someone is communicating with a known terrorist. When you go back and look at the past data, there may be information that you missed. A pattern that was meaningless suddenly makes sense."
Federal law has always allowed law enforcement to not only monitor numbers called, but record the content of calls, bug homes and businesses, etc. of "known terrorists". Some from St. Louis may recall that several years ago a murder of a young Palestinian girl living with her family here in Saint Louis was solved because the FBI had their house lawfully bugged and recorded the murder. Modification to laws since 9/11 were designed to make this even easier to do -- lawfully -- by the Federal Gov't.

They have no problems listening to and recording the conduct of "known terrorist" as well as everyone who has contact with said "known terrorist".

Make no mistake. This program has nothing to do with listening to "known terrorists" and everything to do with listening to you and me.

And if your naive enough to believe we now know all there is to know about this program, I have a bridge I'd like to sell you.

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