Thursday, November 09, 2006

Deja vu in FLA

Paul Kiel at Muckraker fills us in on the most recent FLA undervote.

Looks like an undervote has cost Democrat Jennings the election to replace Kathrine Harris in Congress.

Jennings vows a recount and a court fight. No recount in the world can count ballots not cast, and short of forcing a new election, there is noting a court can do to fix a problem of voters not voting. It's hard to imagine a court ordering a new Congressional election.

And as a practical matter, the House isn't going to declare Jennings the winner despite her lack of votes. For one, it's way to 'in your face' at this time in history, and two, when it last happened (by I think Tip O'Neil) it caused a huge blow-up.

The only real solution -- which won't help Jennings -- is for Congress to fix these problems by legislation.

First, you need to get over it if you think electronic voting is going anywhere. It is here to stay. Too much has been spent nationwide on these machines and you can't stop progress.

Congress needs to set standards that must be met if eVoting machines are to be used. Minimum standards for the machines including paper trails (which we have in Missouri) minimum memory requirements, and minimum standards of training for those who sevice and maintain the machines at polling places would be a good start. If these standards are not met, require a re-vote.

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