Wednesday, January 03, 2007

'McCain doctrine'

Edwards has waisted no time jumping in on Iraq.

The GOP intend to hang the failed war in Iraq on the Dems. I know this sounds absurd given that this was an all GOP war, but that is the plan.

Literally everyone is opposed to the so-called 'troop surge', including, every member of the joint chiefs. I suspect one reason for this opposition is the fact that it failed when tried 6 months ago when violence in Baghdad increased!

The surge in troops is political, not strategic. McCain doesn't care if it actually happens, and would probably prefer that it not. He just wants to be able to say he had a plan to win so that when we inevitable withdraw occurs, he will be able to claim that he had the plan for victory that was defeated by others, such as the 'Defeatocrats'.

Bush is just desperate for any reason to not withdraw troops while he is Commander in Chief. He 'plan' is to let the next President withdraw. Bush's failure to obtain the support of the General's explains his new found loss of confidence in the once loved Gen Casey.

John Edwards, being nobody's fool, wants to make sure this harebrained 'surge' is appropriately credited as the 'McCain Doctrine'.

From The Arizona Republican,

Edwards, who appeared with his wife, Elizabeth, on ABC's This Week, voted to authorize U.S. military action in Iraq when he was a North Carolina senator.

"I actually believe that this idea of surging troops, and escalating the war, what Senator McCain has been talking about, what I would call now the McCain doctrine it's ..."

"McCain doctrine?" interrupted host George Stephanopoulos.

"McCain doctrine," Edwards responded. "He's been the most prominent spokesperson for this for some time."

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