Wednesday, April 25, 2007

With friends like these....

As I noted last December, Bush and Cheney would become increasingly isolated as even members of their own party abandoned them.

David Ignatius' column today in the Washington Post: The Oval Office Bunker. It's all about Republicans anonymously giving up Bush and Cheney.

Here's a taste,
If you want to hear despair in Washington these days, talk to Republicans. ....[They] voice the bitterness and frustration of people chained to the hull of a sinking ship.

I spoke with a half-dozen prominent GOP operatives this past week, most of them high-level officials in the Reagan and Bush I and Bush II administrations, and I heard the same devastating critique: This White House is isolated and ineffective; the country has stopped listening to President Bush, just as it once tuned out the hapless Jimmy Carter; the president's misplaced sense of personal loyalty is hurting his party and the nation.

"This is the most incompetent White House I've seen since I came to Washington," said one GOP senator. "The White House legislative liaison team is incompetent, pitiful, embarrassing. My colleagues can't even tell you who the White House Senate liaison is. There is rank incompetence throughout the government. It's the weakest Cabinet I've seen." And remember, this is a Republican talking.

And it is only going to get worse.

How much longer can Gonzales hold on? Clearly, the honorable thing for Gonzales to do in the face of all this GOP criticism is step down, and yet he chooses to hang on like grim death. I guess he's still hoping for that Supreme Court nomination he had been promised. What does it say about Gonzales as a man and a friend that he would so selfishly swamp what's left of Bush's presidency?

My guess is that once Gonzales is out -- and he will be out -- the focus will turn to Condi.

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