Saturday, July 21, 2007

WaPo pleads for Dems to save GOP

Today's WaPo Editorial criticizes Harry Reid for not providing political cover for Republicans to continue to blindly support Bush and, perhaps, the WaPo has well who has to this point championed the war on its editorial page.

Sadly, this is what our country has come to.

Matt Yglesias has the appropriate response: "Yes, yes . . . providing political cover to moderate Republicans who want to distance themselves from Bush while minimizing the practical impact of their actions would solve our problems in Iraq."

My views on this are here.

UPDATE: Turns out lots of people are upset with this editorial.

Kevin Drum observes, "After four years of Republican insistence that Congress's only role in the war is to pony up trainloads of money and then shut the hell up, it turns out that it's actually Democrats who are making consensus impossible."

Barbara O'Brien writes,
As Tbogg says, the shorter version of this rhetorical specimen is “The glaring lack of an exit strategy from Iraq is entirely Harry Reid’s fault.” The less short version is that, in HiattWorld, there is already a bipartisan consensus on what to do about Iraq that is also supported by the White House. The reason this consensus is not being carried out is that Harry Reid is standing in the way.
The WaPo owes Harry Reid an apology.

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