Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Huckabee's Dumond problem

Murry Waas has some inconvenient documents on Huckabees role in releasing Wayne Dumond.

Dumond was convicted, and imprisoned for the rape of Ashley Stevens, a high school cheerleader, who was a distant cousin to Bill Clinton and daughter of a Clinton Contributor. Dumond's conviction occurred when Clinton was governor. When Huckbee took office in 1996 he was under a lot of pressure from Arkansas conservatives to pardon or commute Dumond who they believe was 'framed' by the evil Clinton cabal. Initially, Huckabee indicated he was going release Dumond, but backed down after a public outcry. Instead he leaned on the parole board to release Dumond, who went on to rape and murder at least one other woman in Missouri and probably two.

The Huffington post now has documents that directly contradict Huckabee on his knowledge and involvement,
...the confidential files obtained by the Huffington Post show that Huckabee was provided letters from several women who had been sexually assaulted by Dumond and who indeed predicted that he would rape again - and perhaps murder - if released. [...]

Huckabee kept these and other documents secret because they were politically damaging, according to a former aide who worked for him in Arkansas. The aide has made the records available to the Huffington Post, deeply troubled by Huckabee's repeated claims that he had no reason to believe Dumond would commit other violent crimes upon his release from prison. The aide also believes that Huckabee, for political reasons, has deliberately attempted to cover up his knowledge of Dumond's other sexual assaults. [...]
In response to this article Matt observes,
A stark reminder both of how crazy the craziness was in anti-Clinton circles and also of how influential it was. This is a giant country, so there'll always be a certain number of nutters out there. But in the 1990s, the Clinton conspiracy theorists were in the driver's seat, getting governors to release rapists and people died. Appalling stuff.
The media had deemed Huckabee not relevant to the race and so have ignored him, but that's now changing.

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