Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Being Teased

I watch the election returns on MSNBC. They're not perfect but seem to bug me less than CNN (Blitzer is as big a jackass as Russert and not as smart).

Right now they are teasing the hell out of us with tidbits from the exit polls.

TPM is teasing us too calling out attention to the fact that Wisconsin a demographic dream for the Clintons full of white working class Democratic voters. This has always been the Clintons group but they lost them in VA and Maryland last week.

The Clintons clearly have more to lose tonight because this would be 9 consecutive losses and they have challenged Obama to slow or stop him. The post-mortem will be heavily focused on it being mathematically impossible for them to come out of the process with a committed delegate lead. And a big win by Obama in their demographic will be a huge news story.

On the other hand, even a tight Clinton win will generate a massive amount of negative press full of baseless wild-ass speculation on how he lost. Not what you want going into the TX Ohio battle.

AHHHH! I just want to know.

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