Thursday, February 14, 2008

Clintons Caught 'Flatfooted' after Feb 5

Today's NYTs describes a disorganized campaign that literally had no plans after Feb. 5th. Even now, as the Clintons place all their hope on TX and OH, they only have one office in OH and plan to open a TX office this weekend.

The Clintons have a top heavy campaign and have spent heavily in a few big states while Obama wins all the rest. Minnesota is a good example,
In Minnesota, “the Clinton campaign was in triage mode,” said Lawrence Jacobs, a political scientist at the University of Minnesota. He said Mrs. Clinton appeared to have allocated her dwindling resources to New York and California, the biggest prizes in the Feb. 5 contests (and which she won), investing almost nothing in media advertising in Minnesota and leaving her campaign there “like a M.A.S.H. unit.”

At the same time, Mr. Jacobs said, Mr. Obama “had developed almost a new style of campaigning.”

“He merges modern campaign technology — he has the list of names, the follow-up effort, all the literature distribution — with these phenomenal rock-arena political revivals,” Mr. Jacobs said. “In a caucus state, it’s formidable.”

Mr. Obama won Minnesota by 34 percentage points.
Guy Cecil, the Clintons field director has promised that the Clintons "will not be outmaneuvered again", but they already have! Obama has had multiple offices in Texas and Ohio for several weeks even as the Clintons hope to open 1 office in TX this weekend.

If Hillary Clinton is so damn ready to run the nation, why is her campaign in a shambles?

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