Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Clintons targets pledged delegates

I missed this story today while I was traveling.

The Clintons' intends to go after the pledged delegates Obama has won in primaries and cacuses if she needs them to win the nomination.

Harold Ickes An anonymous "high-ranking" Clintons campaign official informed Roger Simon of the plan.

The ruthless nature by which the Clintons are plotting to steal the nomination they couldn't win from voters is just breathtaking. Simon didn't manufacture this story. I assume the aide who leaked this story to Simon was testing the reaction.

And after having leaked their own dirty plan, the Clintons attempt to turn in on the Obama campaign by demanding he state he has no intention stealing from them.

One neutral Democratic operative told Simon, “If you are Hillary Clinton, you know you can’t get the nomination just with superdelegates without splitting the party. You have to go after the pledged delegates.”

They're like a cornered animal and it's not pretty. I really don't think I will ever respect either Clinton again.

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