Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Clintons Weigh Self-financing

Never mind the $5M they've already loaned their campaign, the Clintons cash woes going forward are serious and they are weighing whether to further self-finance.

Bill's made a lot of jack since leaving office, but they are not Romney rich. There is a real limit to how much they can loan their campaign even if they want to.

And there are real downsides to another loan. First, the headlines and stories everywhere will be of their campaign broke and on the rocks with the two of them unable to raise more cash.

The second problem is that Obama will use each loan to raise that much more money nearly instantaneously. For instance, when word broke today of the Clintons $5M loan, Obama used this has a fund raising strategy and matched that amount in mere hours.

The Clintons are in a real bind because they have a very long haul between now and June and they cannot compete if they are out dramatically spent by Obama.

The Obama campaign brought in 170,000 new donors in just January. The Clintons do not have that kind of support.

The Clintons have some real problems going forward.

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