Friday, February 08, 2008

David Shuster

NBC has now suspended David Shuster for suggesting that Chelsea Clinton (who will soon be 28 years old and has a master's from Oxford) was being "pimped out" by the Clintons in support of their presidential campaign.

Shuster has now apologized, as he should have. I really don't have an opinion on the suspension, but can accept the fact that on live TV things can be said that are regrettable and unintended.

The bigger issue, as Atrios points out well is the press's long history of taking normal family activities such as the Oxford educated Chelsea campaigning for her mother "and talking about them as if they're unseemly, or corrupt, or inappropriate, or seedy, or sleazy, etc."

I'm glad to see the Clintons' campaign jump on this story and demand respect. In the 1990's the Clinton WH was far too often impotent in the face of frequent press disrespect and their permitting it just bred more of it.

No doubt for the Clinton campaign this was the proverbial straw with MSNBC. They may have to take it from Tweety (although he ultimately apologized) who for some reason seems untouchable, but with comments about Chelsea they saw an opportunity to extract a pound of flesh. If I were running that campaign I'd tell the to pound sand. No debates.

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