Wednesday, February 27, 2008


I caught the West coast reply of tonight's debate here in my hotel room in Salt Lake City.

Frankly, I thought it was boring. Maybe just because I have primary fatigue.

The night began with Hillary whining about first questions and a very lame reference to SNL to make the point, I suppose, that everyone knows the world is against her. There's no question that Obama has gotten more positive coverage, but then he has been more positive. If the MSM really wanted to do Hillary in, they would be explaining every day that she has been mathematically out of this race since her losses in the Potomac primaries, and asking her every day for her justification in staying in the race with no practical hope of overtaking Obama on committed delegates. She should shut up and count her blessings.

The back and forth over their virtually identical health care plans was tedious.

The Farrakhan question gave Obama a chance to address nationally the controversy over Farrakhan's endorsement and he handled it very well. Russert was, true to form, a jackass reading in Farrakhan quotes that had nothing to do with Obama or the campaign but Obama showed his unflappable temperament. It was his best moment.

And the Farrakhan question was Hillary's worst moment. Hillary had the chance to be classy on Farrakhan and instead chose to classlessly attempt to score a cheap hit on Obama whom she knows perfectly well has nothing to do with Farrakhan.

So, to conclude, it was dull. Hillary is better in these debates on policy issues but came off as a little whiny and borderline shrill. Obama carries the day because he wasn't knocked out and responded to Hillary's relentless jabs with calm responses.

Stick a fork in her, she's done. Hillary will at best win very narrow victories in OH and maybe Texas, and step aside before March 11.

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