Saturday, February 09, 2008

"from substantial to crushing"

Is how the AP has described Obama's wins over the Clintons today in his sweep of Wash(68%), NE (68%) and Louisiana (55%). In the US Virgin Islands Obama received nearly 90% of the vote.


Clintons' statement:
[....]The Obama campaign has dramatically outspent our campaign in these three states, saturating the airwaves with 30 and 60 second ads. The Obama campaign has spent $300,000 more in Louisiana on television ads, $190,000 more in Nebraska and $175,000 more in Washington.

Although the next several states that hold nominating contests this month are more favorable to the Obama campaign, we will continue to compete in them and hope to secure as many delegates as we can before the race turns to Ohio, Texas and Pennsylvania.
Didn't Rudy Giuliani forgo a few states to pick up big states later?

Did you ever think the Clintons would be outspent anywhere?

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