Monday, February 11, 2008

The Future versus the Past

Frank Rich's Sunday column is excellent.

Rich provides a cautionary tale that is either the obituary for the Clintons' machine or the Democrats hope for winning back the White House in 2008.

Rich sees in the Clintons' campaign a Democratic party mired in the past. I had no idea that the Clintons had stagged a live town-hall meeting in prime time on the Hallmark Channel on February 4th. Apparently no one else did either and we didn't miss much, "Like the scripted “Ask President Bush” sessions during the 2004 campaign, this town hall seemed to unfold in Stepford. The anodyne questions (“What else would you do to help take care of our veterans?”) merely cued up laundry lists of talking points. Some in attendance appeared to trance out."

Equally contrived was their "victory celebration" of the Florida primary where they won zero delegates.

In contrast, Rich sees in Obama's campaign the future. While the Clintons spent lavishly on their Hallmark special and fake victory celebration, the "Yes We Can" video was already getting 1 million hits a day on Youtube and cost the Obama campaign nothing.

In the Clintons shameless race baiting (which Rich lays out in detail), Rich see a Clinton machine that will stop and nothing including completely destroying the party to achieve their goal of getting back into the WH.

The Clintons are ruthless and shameless. But don't take my word for it, read Rich's column.

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