Saturday, February 09, 2008

Hillary: FL and MI should be heard

The Clintons are again trying to wrangle delegates out of MI and FLA.

This time their plan is for each state to hold a caucus to award delegates.

First, the practical. State-wide caucuses are complex and require a lot of organizing and expense to secure locations in every precinct, notifying every voter of date and location, organization to count votes etc. Both FLA and MI are huge states with thousands of voting places. Florida considered this option and dismissed the idea because of expense.

Second, the equity. You can't un-ring the bell. Playing by the rules, Obama did not campaign in either state to get his message out. To now hold a contest in each state on short notice greatly favors Clinton who has deeper party support and screws Obama to such an extent that a Federal judge would likely enter a restraining order.

The bottom line is that the die is cast. FLA and MI gambled and lost. They could have moved their dates back, as the DNC pleaded for them to do. Whether the punishment fit the crime is now moot as the primaries are over. At the request of the DNC Obama did not campaign in either state.

The party cannot now change the rules to punish the candidate who did exactly as he was told, and it really is that simple.

As an aside, it also appears that neither FLA or MI has any interest in caucuses at this point.

And according to John Hussey at Pushing Rope, suggestions that FLA dems are the victims of a GOP legislature are completely false. "The Democratic legislators voted in five separate committees and in two floor actions for the bill" moving the FLA primary.

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