Sunday, February 10, 2008

Hillary's $10M

As the Clintons' were getting their clocks clean on semi-Super Saturday they breathlessly announced that they had less than a third of Obama's donors and had raised $10M online since Über Tuesday when news reports indicated their campaign was broke and running on a $5 Million loan for the Clintons personal fortune.

The Obama campaign who is keeping their cash intake quiet presently (presumable for competitive purposes) would only say they had raised more than $10M.

What neither campaign is talking about is the money raised for them by surrogates. The Clintons is a fit of hopeful thinking accused Obama of counting money raised for him by Moveon. The Obama campaign quickly dispelled that accusation as false.

But Emily's List has been and is raising money for the Clinton Campaign, and there is no word on how much, if any of the $10M is coming from their donors.

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