Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Justification Going Forward

What is the Clintons justification for staying in the race? They haven't just lost 10 consecutive races, they've suffered 10 ass kickings.

For perspective, Obama did better in Wisconsin, than Hillary did in New York. Obama won 58% of the vote in WI and 76% of the vote in HI.

By challenging Obama in WI, they held his victory margin to just 17 points. Again, Obama has won every demo (including women) except white women over 50.

Money has to be drying up for the Clintons. How do they justify staying in this race?

Are they telling supporters not to worry about the delegates they can't win from voters because they will just poached them at the convention?

The morning meeting in Hillaryland will not be fun.

UPDATE: Although I did not hear it, Joe Scarborough and crew were saying the Clinton surrogate Wes Clark was on the air today dumping all over the Clinton campaign organization which he described, per Joe and his sidekicks, as in complete disarray.

All the Democratic politicos want a job in the next administration and are not going to be keen about going down with the Clinton ship. The inner circle of Clintonites aren't going anywhere (Harold Ickes, etc) but at some point the others are going to be wanting to save themselves.

Look for the defections to begin.

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