Monday, February 11, 2008

Matthew Dowd Sees Things My Way

Writing at his ABC News blog, Matthew Dowd doesn't think it looks good for the Clintons and agrees,
[The super delegates] will be getting unbelievable pressure, especially by the Clintons and their establishment backing, to "pledge" to one or the other.

But here is the deal: how does a party who has protested and screamed and yelled about counting all the votes, that the popular vote matters most, that an election was stolen by the Supreme Court in 2000, go against the votes and participation by voters in the Primary process???
The super delegates will not take the nomination away from the candidate with the most pledged delegates no matter how badly members of the MSM desire that fight. Doing so will cost the party the November election and an entire generation of new supporters who are showing up by the thousands.

It ain't gonna happen.

So who will be the party elders whose job it will be to go to the Clintons and tell them it's time to step aside for the good of the party?

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