Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Pro-Clinton 527?

Marc Ambinder broke the story on his Atlantic blog that a group of Clinton supporters are setting up a 527 to run ads in OH, TX and Penn. They want to raise $10M.

We first heard about a possible 527 at the end of January when the Clinton campaign was broke and I read somewhere -- can't remember where -- that setting up a 527 takes a lot of time, and getting IRS approval can take months. I'm not sure if the IRS must allow the 527 status before donations can be solicited or if they simply need an application on file.

At this late date, how many donors could they find willing to throw good money after bad and risk being on the outs with the Democratic nominee in the general election?

I'm very skeptical. The Clintons may have a lot of friends with money, but how many willing to jump off the bridge with them? That's would be a much smaller number.

UPDATE: Ben Smith has found the first ad created by the group and intended for Ohio. No ad buy yet.

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