Monday, February 11, 2008

This Has Disaster Written All Over It

The DoD has announced their intention to seek the death penalty for 6 men, including Khalid Shaikh Mohammed, who are alleged to have been the primary planners of the September 11 attacks.

The incompetence that has lead us to this point is truly breathtaking. A fair trial for these September 11 conspirators is impossible.

It is the intent of the DoD to "try" these 6 men in their military tribunal system which has completely failed in trying to manage even simple cases.

Add to this disaster the fact that at least Khalid Shaikh Mohammed's "confession" came after having been tortured for weeks or more (including waterboarding), and you have the making for a clusterf*ck with global dimensions.

If the accused are guilty of the crimes charged, they should have been tried in our courts systems exactly has Omar Abdel-Rahman was tried and convicted for the first WTC bombing in 1993.

Forget about the death penalty, how does a civilized country try anyone using confessions received after torture? How does any court system allow any verdict to stand that might even remotely be based upon a confession received by torture?

Does the DoD think they will keep out any evidence of torture? Even if prosecutors are successful in preventing any evidence of torture from coming in during the trial, all the excluded evidence will be packed into the appellate briefs of the convicted and aired before some Federal Appeals court, and probably the Supreme Court.

The Administration has realized what a complete disaster they have created so they are putting the wheels in motion to run these criminals and murders through a kangaroo court before they leave town and dump the mess in the laps of incoming administration and some Federal Appeals court who will then be faced with the odious task of either shredding the Constitution or possibly letting these murders go. For conservatives this is a win, win. Either they destroy any since of due process which they despise or they demonize the court system they despise.

It's a Goddamn disaster.

The people who cooked up this whole scheme of indefinite detentions, tortured confessions, military tribunals, etc. should all be tried for criminal negligence. They have made any semblance of a fair trial impossible and their incompetence might allow Sept 11 conspirators to receive less than the full measure of punishment they deserve.

Every last one of them is an incompetent fool.

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