Saturday, February 09, 2008

The Sins of the Tweety

Hillary wants Shuster fired. Josh has the letter she sent to NBC News head Steve Capus.

In the letter Hillary say, "I would urge you to look at the pattern of behavior on your network that seems to repeatedly lead to this sort of degrading language."

Hillary can't complain about the way commentators talk about her so she seems to be using Chelsea to settle a score.

I certainly agree with the Clintons hitting back hard on this. Throughout the 1990's the disrespect leveled at them from MSM was deplorable. The Bush's made it clear from day one that they would not tolerate that kind of treatment.

No one suggested there was anything unseemly or inappropriate that Mitt's son's campaigned for him or questions the appropriateness of the Bush twins on the campaign trail or Kerry's daughters. This kind of treatment seems to be saved for the Clintons and it's good to see that is being dealt with firmly.

If this is the straw that breaks the camel's back with MSNBC, cancel the debate, insisting a journalist be fired for one inappropriate comment on live TV seems a bit harsh. But I will admit I am not especially familiar with Shuster's work, so I don't know if he has a history with the Clintons. But I can't help feeling that Shuster is being called upon to pay for the sins of Chris Matthews.

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