Monday, March 03, 2008

Does it End Tomorrow?

Here's Obama's closing argument airing in TX and Ohio.

I expect the Clintons to win Ohio in a tight race, and lose Texas equally tight. Hillary seems to be a lock in Rhode Island, and I'm assuming Obama will win Vermont.

But here is Obama's problem. The media have indulged the Clintons line that if they somehow just win in Texas or Ohio that somehow the last 11 losses become meaningless. But of course, those losses matter and have given Obama a 157 pledged delegate lead. Has Chuck Todd has explained at NBC, who ever wins Ohio will probably get a net delegate gain of only 5 or 6 delegates. Hardly race changing. But if the Clintons win Ohio and maybe Texas in tight races does this give them the excuse to stay in the race even though they will never make up that 157 delegate lead?

Last week the Clintons were begging superdelegates not to endorse for fear they would all go to Obama. I wonder if those superdelegates might not be now wishing they had jumped in before tomorrow.

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