Tuesday, March 04, 2008

March Madness Tuesday

Here we go again! Today is Ohio, Texas, Vermont and Rhode Island.

I haven't been posting much the last few days for a couple reasons. One, I have this chest cold kicking my ass, but the other is that I'm sick of talking about these states and just want the voting over.

It's hard to imagine Obama winning Ohio. I don't think the weather will be much of an issue because of all the early voting. But the Clintons have a popular governor who has rolled his network out for them, and in a state like Ohio, that is very hard to overcome.

It's not as hard to imagine Hillary winning Texas, but I don't think she will, especially with the caucus portion tonight.

Hillary will win Rhode Island and Obama will win Vermont (and for those keeping score, the Clintons say RI counts as a win but Vermont does not count). In a twist typical of this cycle, Obama may very well net more delegates tonight in Vermont than Hillary will net in Ohio, and this is her problem going forward.

Obama's staff has boasted that they have 50 superdelegates cocked and ready to pounce which may very well be related to Richardson's comments of a couple days ago advising that the campaign that has the fewest delegates after today step aside.

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