Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Media biased against the Clintons

There's no question in my mind that Obama has had an easy ride with the media, not unlike John McCain (who even now gets a pass on seeking the support of a white Farrakhan).

But the suggestion that the Clintons have endured a media ordeal is absurd. The guys at First Read get it right,
...for all the talk of bias against Clinton's campaign in the media, does anyone believe any other candidate could have lost 11-straight contests, be this far behind in delegates, and be simply two victories away from being back in the game? One thing the media has done is they've given Clinton every chance she wants to write her own comeback story. She gets another shot today.
The average news viewer has been allowed to believe the Clintons are on the verge of catching Obama on delegates tonight.

She is not.

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