Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Getting back to that Gallup poll...

As mentioned earlier, the new USA Today/Gallup poll is out today, and full of all kinds of interesting tidbits, besides Bush's record-setting disapproval rating.

Despite, the universal media opinion that Obama has had a bad couple weeks, he has increased his lead since the last poll to 10 points nationally. The Clintons have received most of the blame for the negative tone of the campaign and lost ground as a result. This is not Obama's best showing in the poll which was in February when he won the nomination.

Also, despite what you read in the newspapers and hear on TV, Americans still hate the war in Iraq with 63% of Americans (a Gallup record)saying the war in Iraq was a mistake.

And finally, in keeping with my observation earlier about the quality of the Gallup Daily Tracking poll, this poll was taken over the weekend as the GDT poll showed the Clintons overtaking Obama and he rebounding with a 2 point lead.

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