Thursday, June 05, 2008

Primary race post-mortum

USA Today has a good post-mortem on the primary race, the mistakes and the winning strategy.

I do not expect HRC to endorse Obama for president on Saturday and I think it's a mistake for anyone to assume she will do so until those words leave her lips before the cameras (how many times will the supposed best reporters in the nation be duped? How many times have they reported this?). She will 'suspend' not end her campaign and with lawyerly weasely words grudgingly acknowledge him as the 'likely' nominee without actually endorsing him for president. Hillary will not surrender her supporters. Expect her to 'reserve the right' to place her name in nomination at the convention. During this speech she will also take cheap shots at him as she did Tuesday night and again yesterday at AIPAC. Like the scorpion who stings the frog, she can't help herself. It's who she is. She will never actually quit, but will attempt to plant the seeds for Obama's defeat in November and pave the way for her in 2012.

Watching the party unify is fascinating and wouldn't it be great to be privy to the back story? Suffice it to say that real pressure is being applied both publicly (ie Rengel and Hillary Rosen) and privately.

Public endorsements to lookout for are the governors of MI, OH and PA.

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