Sunday, August 31, 2008

Women are skeptical of Palin

This doesn't surprise me at all, but apparently it's shocking news to the McCain camp who never thought women voters might be thoughtful.
According to fresh data from Rasmussen Reports, Sarah Palin's selection is a mixed bag. Voters have a favorable impression of her by a 53/26 margin; however, by a 29/44 margin, they do not believe that she is ready to be President. Needless to say, the PR battle over the next couple of weeks will involve the McCain campaign playing up her biography, and the Obama campaign playing down her readiness....

...there is a gender gap in these numbers...along a variety of metrics, men like the Palin choice better than women [data here]
And it's hard to imagine these numbers getting better for Palin has people get to know her better.

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