Saturday, September 06, 2008

Sarah Palin or Jack Abramoff?

Despite prior assurances by Gov Palin and her staff of their full cooperation in the bipartisan investigation of the firing of Alaska Public Safety Commissioner, Palin and her people have now all lawyered up and clamed up.
"This week, seven key witnesses informed Mr. Branchflower through their attorneys that they would not provide depositions. Their depositions, which had been agreed to and scheduled earlier with Mr. Branchflower, were cancelled within the last 72 hours.

"Additionally, the governor's lawyer has stated that he represents the governor and the governor's office, and has forbidden any contact by Mr. Branchflower with any member of that office.

"Mr. Branchflower wishes to depose some of those employees. The issuance of the subpoenas is intended to get at the truth and to expedite the completion of his report to the public."

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