Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Palin bills state to fly kids around the country

When the dust settles from this campaign, I'm thinking Gov Palin is going to have some explaining to do back home.

The AP has reviewed the travel expense vouchers Gov Palin has submitted for her children's travels and found some serious irregularities.

It important to remember that in Alaska, unlike most states, you can't drive to many of it's cities including the state capital in Juneau. So I think it is entirely appropriate for the state to pick up the tab of the first family traveling to Juneau while the Governor is staying at the capital on business. But Governor Palin has flown her children everywhere with her on the state dime.

And most damning for Palin is that she ordered many of the expense vouchers "amended" when it became clear they would be made public.

Palin often contacted event organizers to arrange invitations for her children and sometimes she just showed up with them -- to the surprise of organizers. One trip on the state dime was to watch their father start a snowmobile race in Ketchikan (accessible only by air or boat), and 4 nights in NYC for her and Bristol to attend a 5 hour conference. While in NYC the Governor and Bristol stayed at the Essex House at $707/a night. Say what you want, I like how she rolls,....

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