Wednesday, November 19, 2008

McCain's lead in Missouri narrows

The deadline for final reporting by all election authorities was close of business yesterday, but St. Louis City, St. Louis County and Jackson County (KC) were still out.

The Post-Dispatch reported that at the close of business yesterday, McCain led Obama by 4,355 votes.

Based upon the numbers reported by the Missouri Sec of State at least some of those still outstanding have reported today.

As of right now, McCain's lead has shrunk further to 3636 votes which is one-tenth of one percent. Even assuming St. Louis City and County are still out, Obama is not going to overtake McCain.

Missouri is not an automatic recount State, but since the margin is less than 1%, Obama can request a recount at State expense.

There is a very realistic chance that a hand recount would swing Missouri to Obama by an equally narrow margin. Patrick, a Missouri taxpayer and Obama supporter, has been adamant in his opposition to a recount for very pragmatic reasons (a big expense that won't change the national results). I've agreed with Patrick, but given how tight race has become (.1 percent) and the historic implications, I'd like to see a recount.

Patrick, are you holding firm on no recount?

I would be surprised if the Obama campaign asked for a recount.

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