Thursday, December 11, 2008

Bush capitulates

The Bush administration had been rushing to complete the last remaining goal of its 2001 Energy Task Force: to increase by hundreds of thousands of tons the amount of sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides spewed into the air in hopes of making global warning irreversible and thus cementing Bush's legacy for history. This last goal, like all of the others, was vehemently opposed by the career staff of the EPA, and they knew full well no responsible human being would do this so they had to act by January 20.

But now, inexplicably, and to the dismay of industry lobbyists placed in charge of the Federal regulatory agencies involved, the Bush administration has decided to stop it's efforts at gutting clean air regulations.

The Administration has even abandoned their plans to place new power plants immediately outside national parks and revoke existing clean air standards intended to prevent deterioration in the parks’ air quality.

The NYTs has the story.

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