Thursday, December 11, 2008

The F22 boondoogle

Kill the F22 already! The NYTs reports today of the move in Congress to save the F22 for the jobs. What a load of crap.

There is not a better example of the abuses of what Eisenhower famously called "the military-industrial complex" than the F22 (The Virgina Class sub is as good an example, but not better).

The F22 is an air superiority fighter designed to counter a new Soviet fighter (post SU27)that was never actually built, and has no real world mission. You doubt this? How many missions as the F22 flown in Iraq and Afghanistan? None as in zero, nada, zippo, as in not even one mission. Why? Because our enemies don't have air forces.

The USAF has spent $65B to date to purchase 187 F22s at $348M each, and Gates doesn't want any more. And can't we all agree 187 advanced fighters with no mission is plenty?

Fred Kaplan has written extensively about this boondoggle. Here is one example.

The bottom line the US is going to continue to fall behind the rest of the industrialized world in education and infrastructure until we rain in outrageous and pointless defense spending on weapons systems with no modern purpose. The F22 and the Virgina class submarine -- which has proven particularly ineffective in sandy deserts -- are perfect examples of horrible government waste that make no one safer, and bankrupts us in the process.

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