Friday, December 12, 2008

Madigan launches legal attack to oust Blagojevich

From The Chicago Sun-Times

Madigan launches legal attack to oust Blagojevich
December 12, 2008

BY DAVE McKINNEY Springfield Bureau Chief Sun-Times

SPRINGFIELD - Attorney General Lisa Madigan today opened an unprecedented legal attack against a sitting Illinois governor, taking the formal steps to ask the Illinois Supreme Court to declare Gov. Blagojevich unfit to hold office.
Madigan filed paperwork with the state high court this morning, invoking what is known as Rule 382 that would ask justices to rule on ³the ability of the governor to serve.²
After Blagojevich was arrested Tuesday, Madigan signaled her intent to move ahead on this untested legal front if the governor refused to resign or the Legislature did not launch impeachment proceedings against him.
Madigan¹s office declined comment on the filing, but she intends to hold an
11:15 a.m. press conference today at the Thompson Center to explain her action.

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