Thursday, December 18, 2008

Rick Warren

Marc Ambinder does a nice job explaining why Warren matters to gays and lesbians.

Selecting Saddle Back Pastor Rick Warren as the minister to give the invocation at the Inaugural is a dreadful idea and Obama deserves all the criticism he is receiving.

Obama has made clear that he disagrees with many of Warren's positions (comparing gay marriage to child rape, incest and polygamy, for instance) but Obama no doubt feels that he should reach to those who hate in Jesus' name as he would reach out to anyone. Good politics I suppose.

But in this, Obama misses the point. The Warrens of the world have had plenty of voice the last 8 years. The Christian voice missing from public discourse is the voice of those pastors whose ministry -- not unlike the ministry of Christ -- is one of inclusion, acceptance and love. Obama has blown this golden opportunity to make a cheap political gain.

Christ threw the Pharisees out of the Temple. Obama has asked one to speak at his Inaugural.

He's on his own in this one.

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