Wednesday, December 10, 2008

What's next in Illinois

Chuck Todd has a nice rundown,
Just how long will Blagojevich remain in office? Our understanding is that impeachment proceedings could take three months. What’s more, if the state legislature passes a bill calling for a special election to bypass Blagojevich’s appointment, the governor could possibly hold that up temporarily because he has 60 days to consider whether he’ll veto it or not. Also, what happens if Blagojevich makes an appointment? It’s important to point out that the US Senate doesn’t have to seat that person; the chamber has the power to seat a member. In addition, we understand that Illinois’ secretary of state has to certify the selection, and that person could decide not to certify Blago’s pick. Indeed, there appear to be plenty of ways to prevent Blagojevich’s selection from ever serving in the Senate. But there also appear to be plenty of ways for Blago to hold up this process. Remember, the governor's only bargaining chip is his office right now, and he's likely going to stay in it as long as he can if it means cutting himself a better deal with the feds. After all, if there's one thing we learned about Blago, he's always looking for leverage.

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