Sunday, January 04, 2009

Senator Roland Burris

Roland Burris will be the next Senator from Illinois. You read it here first.

There's no legal basis to deny him the seat, and more importantly, I've yet to see anyone make a serious case against Burris.

Nothing in the Illinois statute requires the Sec of State to certify Blago's pick and the Supreme Court has decided that the Senate can only refuse to seat someone who doesn't met the Constitutional requirements to be a Senator.

He's 71 years old and as best I can determine, scandal free. It's not likely Burris will run again in 2 years which makes him a perfect caretaker for the job.

The Democrats need all the votes they can get in the Senate and the objections to Burris are just silly.

Obama needs to step up and call for seating Burris to protect the interest of the citizens of Illinois and the rest of the country. Same goes for Reid.

Let's end this sideshow and move on.

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