Thursday, January 22, 2009

Shine a light on cockroaches and they scatter

Very quietly a GOP senator has placed an anonymous hold on the nomination of would-be EPA chief Lisa Jackson and Nancy Sutley, future head of the Council on Environmental Quality. Jackson has made it well known that she intends to take a fresh look at the requests of California and other states to regulate auto emissions.

TPM sees this as the first volley in the GOP strategy to block all attempts to ameliorate climate change and explains the strategy here.

One of the reasons the GOP has suffered so much at the hands of voters is their active involvement in promoting global warming and open refusal to accept what is obvious to everyone. They are losing an entire generation of voters larger than the baby-boomers over their climate policies.

The best strategy for the WH and the Dems is to call the GOP out publicly and make them own their actions. Obama needs to use his bully pulpit to polity ask the Senate GOP to stop holding up qualified appointees and explain to the public their strategy to block. Discredit them now, and you take them out on this issue.

Like all cockroaches, when you shine a light on them, they scatter. And if the GOP desides the hunker down and openly block on climate legislation, so be it -- the Dems get to 65 senate seats that much sooner.

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