Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Coleman wants a new election?

Eric Kleefeld has done a tremendous job covering Coleman's election challenge. You can read all his articles here.

When you take a lose up on appeal, asking a court to overturn a formal decision, you need a good story to tell to the reviewing court about how you got screwed. Purely technical appeals aren't very sexy to a reviewing court which doesn't want to make a habit of reversing the decisions of fact finders. This is true when appealing a jury verdict against your client or appealing an election.

If Coleman hoped to get a court to overturn the MN canvasing board official count, he needs to show to the court, that he has been robbed of a senate seat. And Coleman's lawyers are smart people who certainly know this. Yet Coleman has spent weeks with witnesses who admit to having forged either their absentee application, or the application of a family member, or had a spouse complete their absentee ballot for them.

Now apparently, Coleman advocates for the tossing out the entire election -- an extraordinary remedy which never going to happen.

So what's Coleman's real agenda? It seems pretty clear at this point, given the testimony they have presented, that the sole goal is to deny the Democrats an extra Senate vote for as long as possible, the citizens of MN be damned. Surely the people of MN must be really fed up, and this can't be helping the interests of the MN GOP.

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