Friday, February 27, 2009

Lying Liars

Governor Bobby Jindal's spokeswoman confesses that the Katrina story in Jindal's GOP rebuttal speech was a manufactured lie.

Jindal admits he was not present when the now deceased sheriff was yelling at the Federal bureaucratic buffoon on the telephone demanding that the Fed arrest the sheriff and the heroic exorcist and then Congressman on the scene to save those stranded while the full force and weight of the Federal Government demanded the storm victims be left to die. But, Jindal insists that while he was no where to be found in the storms aftermath, the now dead sheriff did tell him the story days or weeks later of the Fed insisting storm victims be left to die over paperwork issues.

As luck would have it, the dead sheriff is not commenting.

These are the worst kind of lies peddled repeatedly by Republicans. Portraying honest, hardworking Federal employees as criminally negligent buffoons for no other reason than to support their world view and move their political agenda. If only there had been no government at all, a floatilla of bass fisherman could have had the whole mess cleaned up in a matter of days if not hours.

If you have to make up stories to justify your world view, you really need to rethink that view.

Stick a fork in him, Jindal is done.

UPDATE: This story has been evolving over time. TPM has the full rundown.

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